Premium CO2 extracted cannabis oil, masterfully crafted to provide a perfectly blissful experience with a rich new look and feel.

Purity. We work with passionate Oregon growers to source the best naturally grown cannabis in the state. Prior to extraction, we test all plant material to guarantee it’s free of pesticides and other chemicals. Once the plant material passes our extensive testing process, we use the best medical grade CO2 available to extract the essential oil. The oil is then refined to remove impurities and residual residue to create a natural, golden cannabis extract.

Consistency. For every second of enjoyment, there are years of experience. As leading innovators of CO2 extraction, we strive to push the limits of our potential and perfect our art. With 20+ cumulative years of extraction expertise, we’ve refined our processes to produce pure, smooth and potent cannabis oil with every batch.

Flavor. We masterfully craft cannabis oils for every palate by retaining the precious terpenoids and flavonoids naturally found in the plant. By working with the lowest heat and pressure possible, we ensure minimal oxidation of the essential oils. We take our refining process one step further by preventing carbonic acid from forming which preserves the flavor and quality.


Vape Pen Cartridge – 1/4 Gram


Vape Pen Cartridge – 1 Gram


Starter Set – 1/2 Gram


Premium Dabbable – 1 Gram




Vape Pen – 1/2 Gram


Premium Cannabis Joints – 6 Pack


Premium Cannabis Joint – Single

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