About GoldenXTRX

GoldenXTRX masterfully crafts premium CO2 extracted cannabis oil products that deliver the ultimate in form, flavor and function. While paying homage to its medical legacy, we re-imagine the modern cannabis experience with our commitment to exceptionally crafted oils and innovative delivery systems. From smokeless, portable vape pens to artisanal edibles, GoldenXTRX provides medical patients with the highest quality and most enjoyable user experience.

Our Mission

To be the leading consumer-drive cannabis company focused on wellness solutions, grounded in science and research that leverages our differentiated brand portfolio to deliver superior customer value.

Our Values

We live these core values with our products, partners and customers.

INTEGRITY. Demonstrate integrity, transparency, respect for diversity and a commitment to the highest standards of ethical conduct.

LEADERSHIP. Promote effective servant leadership focused on the growth and well-being of employees inspired by a purpose beyond themselves.

RESPONSIBILITY. Eliminate negative stigmas surrounding the cannabis industry by positively contributing to society and economics. Promote stewardship of the planet, the well-being of employees and the communities that we support.

INNOVATION. Challenge the status quo, explore and create innovative products grounded in science that revolutionize health and well-being.

EXCELLENCE. Deliver the best results in all aspects of our business, stand accountable and approach every challenge determined to succeed.

An Innovative Delivery System:
Going Smokeless

While the most iconic way to consume marijuana has traditionally been the joint, our innovative vape pen provides a more convenient and healthier alternative to smoking. A simple inhale activates a battery powered heating coil that warms the oil, delivering a smooth and consistent vapor instead of harsh, carcinogenic smoke. The entire experience is surprisingly simple, sophisticated and gratifying, allowing you to control the amount of cannabis consumed. No lingering aroma remains ensuring that usage is discreet.

The Art and Science
of 100% Pure Cannabis Oil

We fill our elegant, discreet and hassle-free signature vape pens with all natural, 100% pure cannabis oil, extracted from the marijuana plant using a CO2 extraction process – the same method utilized to make other essential plant oils. Like wine or beer making, cannabis oil production is an art form as well as a science. GoldenXTRX’s years of experience in extraction and blending means that you will enjoy the finest expression of taste and flavor the plant has to offer.

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